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"Petr and Maxi "
June 13, 2007

Dear Chinook Winds,

Martin and I wanted to write in and give you an official update of the two amazing greyhounds we adopted through your organization within the last six months. Before we contacted your organization, we did a lot of research on the retired racers and the organizations who adopted them out. We are a cat and dog loving couple approaching middle age (so soon?) and already had two cats. We had talked about adding a dog to our lives for a few years, but as city dwellers with a preference for a large breed we wanted to ensure we would be able to meet its needs. Everything we researched about the retired racing greyhound appealed to us, and we appreciated Chinook's approach to finding forever homes. So it was time to get serious and meet a greyhound in person! We counted the days to the next Chinook Winds Meet & Greet. Oh heaven, to be surrounded by so many of these sun-basking beauties! It was love at first site as we interacted with the dogs. The one-on-one time confirmed that these sweethearts were everything we wanted in a canine companion.


Petr (a.k.a. Peter)
Six year old Petr -- a smaller black male with the most soulful eyes -- became available for adoption and he fit into our home immediately. I can imagine how hard it must've been for his foster mom to hand him over to us; it was obvious as to how kindly he was loved and cared for by her. It certainly took no effort on our part to continue the love and care he deserved. He was a little shy and had gone through some challenging times prior to foster care, but throughout his adjustment period he was just so sweet.

Over the last few months, Petr has come into his own; how beautiful and satisfying it is to witness his full personality unfolding. He is very silly at playtime and is a dream to walk, but his favourite time is nap time and love time – ohhhh the back and neck massages Daddy gives him are divine! He is still what we would consider “cat correctable” but it doesn't help that one of our cats is in love with him and encourages Petr to chase him (naughty kitty!).

How can we put into words what Petr means to us? He has been a part of our family now for only eight months, but it feels like he's been with us always. We love him dearly and can't imagine we were ever without him!

Maxi (a.k.a. Max Power)
As already explained on Chinook's web site, sweet little Maxi girl came up from Wichita, Kansas to Edmonton in November of 2006 as Chinook Wind's first sponsor dog (see http://www.chinookwindsgreyhounds.org/stories/Maxi.htm).

We fell in love with her on the spot. Fostered by a very kind and supportive foster couple, John and Debbie Ward, we got to know a little bit about Maxi her first week in Edmonton. The Wards' observations confirmed she would be a perfect fit as a companion to our first greyhound, Petr, while cat safe for our two Rexes.

Petr took Maxi under his wing immediately and has taught her how to be a polite house dog. Leading by example, he has even taught her how to sit on our command. Wow! Even though it doesn't seem we could love her any more, every day the bond strengthens further. Her beauty is apparent, but we have also enjoyed getting to know her mischievous side. One might think of her as the Goldie Hawn of greyhounds: sweet, beautiful and goofy.

We recently moved to British Columbia and now that we have all adjusted to our new home, the hounds are especially enjoying the temperate climate here (especially our Kansas girl!). Petr and Maxi have enriched our lives so much and we are so very grateful to Chinook Winds and all the caring and supportive volunteers who have been -- and always are – a support to us with the unique experience of retired racing greyhound ownership.

Thanks to everyone at Chinook Winds!


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