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November 11, 2008





















Just to give you an update….

Mona is now named Seda (pronounced SAY-DAH) which is Spanish for silk.

The whole trip home, Seda stress panted. Katy did come along for the trip and was stretched out beside the crate the whole time but didn’t seem to provide Seda with any comfort. Pulled into the garage and wondered if I’d have to coax her out of the crate but as soon as Katy jumped out, Seda’s nose appeared and she readily jumped out, tail wagging. It was a sunny afternoon so allowed her time to explore the back yard with Katy. When we went into the house, she stepped onto the mat by the back door and onto the lino (and has not shown any concern at all with the smooth lino.) She sniffed the whole main floor thoroughly…even the ornaments on the end tables and the books on the shelf (some so thoroughly they were pushed to the back of the shelf). She certainly is a curious one! One of the windows in the deck door had the blinds pulled completely up and she bumped her nose twice on the glass before I caught up with her and tapped the glass and nudged her nose against it. She now has figured out this ‘trick wall’ but it isn’t her favorite window. She loves standing looking out the other windows…especially the front where she can watch people walking (with and without dogs) and kids playing.

Seda and Katy: The first day Katy would lift her lip and growl at Seda every time she approached one of Katy’s ‘pillows’ where she was laying. As of yesterday, if Seda got there first, you could almost see Katy shrug her shoulder and let it go. Not laying together yet but closer. At the end of the morning walk today, I was digging my keys out of my pocket and glanced down. Seda had her chin resting on Katy’s back….that’s the height difference! At noon, they were standing at the entrance to the kitchen area watching me make lunch, Seda leaning her whole side and weight against Katy. Think they’re friends for sure now. Katy has tried to get Seda to play (play bow and play barking, tossing stuffed toys) but Seda either isn’t interested or doesn’t know what to do.

Stairs: First day it took forever to get Seda up the stairs on her own steam to the second floor. Coming down was just as long. She could handle 3 or 4 stairs but the whole flight straight up was just too scary looking (they are somewhat steep stairs). Yesterday she mastered both up and down by herself…..slowly and carefully and that’s just fine.

Crate: Right from the start she showed no interest whatsoever in the crate and has not voluntarily used it. When we have had to go out, she readily goes in though. Have brought the wire kennel into the house to use while we are away at work. That way she will be able to see Katy and not feel deserted.

Nighttime: As she wasn’t using the crate, decided to try her in my bedroom with just a quilt to sleep on. Katy sleeps on her bed on one side of my bed and Seda sleeps on the other side. I suggested to Ron that we could put a crate in his bedroom but he didn’t want to see her in a crate and indicated she should sleep with Katy.

Eating: Again, as she is not using the crate, we feed Katy on one side of the kitchen island and Seda on the other. At first Katy hoovered up her food at record rates (even for her) thinking she would get to Seda’s dish next. Now she realizes it’s not going to work that way and leaves Seda alone. Seda has cleaned up her dish of food right from the beginning and is getting treats in between meals. She still looks so thin but must have put some weight on as the buckle collar we are currently using as a tag collar had to be loosened a notch this morning. Today she had her teeth brushed for the first time and was very tolerant….considering Katy was trying to get her tongue in Seda’s mouth too. It’s a minty dog toothpaste and they really seem to like it!?!?!

Counter Cruising: Seda is a counter cruiser. The first time she did this, I saw Katy desperately looking from Seda to me and back again with a look that seemed to say “You are sooooo in trouble!!”. A sharp “no” as discipline didn’t work. A sharp; “no” and a clap of hands got her attention but still didn’t work. This morning a sharp no and a light smack on her butt seemed to mean something. She hasn’t repeated the bad behavior again today….yet.

Walking on leash: She is so good on leash that Ron has been taking her for a walk around the block along with Katy and me. He loves showing off his new dog. On Sunday we out walking and the neighbor’s terrier was out loose with no sign of the owners. I took Seda’s leash because I didn’t know what she would do. She calmly approached the terrier and they politely said their doggie helloes and that was it. She seems interested in meeting all the dogs when we are out walking. With the weather being cool, needed to find something quick for Seda to wear. I dug out the coat that my dobie used to wear (it’s purple…how appropriate for our senior girl). On Katy, this coat fits like a short jacket. On Seda it is a pretty perfect fit. Just need to adjust the velcro and she has a new winter coat.

Overall, she’s doing so great!!! Yesterday she started approaching us voluntarily for attention and pats. Ron is thrilled when she does this and gives her kisses. Last night she was lolling about on her back and wriggling about and basically just being a greyhound. Sent Ron into fits of giggles.

I was expecting it to take a bit more time for her to settle in but she seems to have decided that this is a great retirement home. We all think she’s great too!

Joanne and Ron

and Katy

and Seda too!


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