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March 31, 2007



*Editor's note: Kerowyn came to Chinook Winds with a bit of attitude towards other dogs.  Her foster family worked with her to overcome those issues, and her new family continues with that training.  Following is Kerowyn's success story!:

Just wanted to update you on Kero. She has melded right into our family and we just can't imagine our lives without her!! She is just wonderful. I am convinced that she can tell time....just five minutes before the alarm goes off, she starts to whine, even when the alarm doesn't go off. :) She is quite insistent on her early morning walks, and is quite familiar with "our" route. She no longer tries to go after every dog in every yard, and is getting quite good with just walking by. Her favourite activity on school mornings is to get the girls up. We come in from our walk, I wipe her feet, and tell her to "go get the girls up". She races down the stairs, into Julia's room, and sticks her nose under the covers, and onto whatever warm body part she can find!! :)) Then she waits for me to open Ami's door...races in there, and repeats the procedure. If she can't reach an Ami body part, she starts "yelling" at Ami to get up (which wakes up everyone :)). At night she "supervises" as I bathe and put the boys to bed, and as soon as I am out of their rooms, she starts "bumping" me to take off her muzzle!

We took her into the ravine last weekend for the first time, and she did quite well with the other dogs there. We were even able to introduce her to a couple with understanding owners, and after the initial intro's, she was great. We installed a wire divider for the van into the back - she would prefer to be driving......

She has started talking to us regularly, the boys just love that. Michael's giggles can be heard all over our block when they are outside and he is throwing her tennis balls (she prefers new ones thank you, once they have "cracked" they are no more fun!). She has been very good about stuffies, only shredding the ones that have been handed to her. One day she brought me one (Sam's favourite), as if to ask, and when I said no, she dropped it right away! (Whew!) She is quite convinced that she can catch the rabbits that are around - we see one almost every walk! The cats in the neighbourhood have stopped using my garden and flowerbeds as litter boxes! HUGE BONUS!! Kero seems to have lumped them into the rabbit category, and would reeeaaallly like to catch one!

Yesterday I took 5 kids to the local playground and poor Kero just vibrated the whole time. She couldn't seem to figure out which one she should be watching!!! (of course they went in five different directions - and there were several other children there too). When one of the other children fell off the play structure, she wanted to go investigate immediately, even tho' it wasn't one of "ours". She really enjoyed all the attention from all the children tho'!

Thanks so much for bringing Kerowyn into our lives, she makes us laugh every day! I have included some pics of Kero with the kids. Take care Bea

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