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"Hannah - One Special Hound "
Mar. 2009



(Ed. note: Hannah came to Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue in May 2008, casted from elbow to toe for a broken toe.  Due to complications resulting from this injury, Hanna's leg was amputated.  Hannah was 8 years old at the time.  A blog detailing Hannah's surgery and recovery can be found by clicking here.)

Attached are pictures of Hannah taken last fall. As you can see she has adapted very well to her new stature and life. I would like to send a special thank-you to her foster parents for having taken such good care of her during the recovery process. Please forward pictures and our thanks to them.

Hannah quickly won over family, friends and neighbors. Not a huge feat as she is so easy to love. She, on the other hand, was a little tentative in her new surrounding for about four months and didn’t much care for neighboring dogs, especially the smaller ones. Once she became comfortable she soon warmed up to all humans (has to stop everyone she meets for a pat and to be told what a pretty girl she is) and neighboring dogs (as long as they do not attempt going into HER house). She quickly made friends with the dog next door (Taffy), and looks for her whenever she is goes out for a walk. They play for a few minutes until Hannah’s love of walking takes over her social needs.
We were not sure how she would adapt to walking in the snow, but our concerns were short lived. She absolutely loves the snow. She tosses snow into the air with her snout and jumps up to catch the flakes before they fall to the ground. She is amazing. When outdoors she looks, acts and moves just like a pup. She also occasionally play catch (which is funny to watch) as she always over runs the ball and has to make a rather ungraceful u-turn to retrieve it.
Because of her coloring, thin legs and gracefully beauty, she is often mistaken for a deer by small children. So cute to watch the little ones get excited about seeing a “deer” on the pathways.
She is definitely a “princess” in every way, but we love her just the way she is. She is so much a part of our family now. There are no words to describe the feeling we get when she showers us with hugs and kisses whenever she has been away from us, even if only for a few minutes.
She is extremely bright and learns quickly. She knows and obeys human words such as “stop”; “go”; “sit”; “lay down” and gets very excited at words such as “walk”; “treat” and “who’s here?” We have learned to listen to her “chatters” (whenever she wants something) and recognize her “smiles” (when she is happy with us).
I admit, I did question the decision made to put a senior dog through such a traumatic procedure, leaving her to adapt to a life as a tripod. But, in this case, it was the RIGHT decision. She has no idea she is any different and does not let the loss of a leg deter here in any way. She keeps up with any dog on four legs; jumps up on her hind legs to give kisses; hops on her front leg in excitement (actually sounds like a bouncing ball from the floor below); climbs stairs; hops over snow embankments and low fences; jumps into the car etc …. The only time the missing leg is an issue is on slick floors (she is still apprehensive about going into rooms with no carpeting), or when her leash becomes caught around any of her remaining legs (she stops abruptly until the leash is untangled).
Overall, she is a happy, sociable, well-adjusted, even-tempered, calm, respectful, lovable, member of the family who enjoys the attention of everyone around her. She has obviously been raised with love and taught appropriate house and walking manners. The only members of the family who do not adore her are her “feline” cousins. They do not appreciate her interruption of their “fur-puffing and hissing” as an invitation to chase them around their own home.
Hope you enjoy these pictures of Hannah taken during her favorite pastime. Walking, running and snooping.

Thank-you to everyone who contributed to the raising and caring for Hannah during her first nine years.
Best Regards,
Lorelle, Sunny, Chey and Chase


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