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"Update on Dobby"

April 21, 2006

Did someone call my name?


See my new coat?


We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well Dobby is getting on with his new family.

We absolutely adore him! He is fitting in so well with cats and kids alike, and he seems very happy. Abby even refers to him as her "dog-brother." Dad (Alex) has been taking some time away from work lately so he has had loads of company and long walks every day. We took him to Coeur d'Alene for the Easter weekend to visit relatives and he did extremely well. He even got along beautifully with the resident puppy, Sophie the Westie.

Dobby has a lovely personality. He loves hugs and kisses, walks and treats. He's not so interested in playing with his toys but loves a good chaw on a knuckle or rawhide bone. He will eat anything that isn't out of reach (which isn't much for this big fellow) and we are working on his kitchen manners, though Abby, our 5 year old, has discovered that he provides a wonderful excuse for not finishing her cheese or peanut butter sandwiches - she simply couldn't help that Dobby took it right out of her hand!

Dobby is very adept at finding the most comfy places in the house including our bed, which he tried to share very quickly! Dobby has the most delightful habit at night: around 10:00 when we are usually watching TV, he gets up, rests his head on our laps and gets his good-night cuddles before trotting off to bed. He never fails to say "good night!" Dobby is also the only dog I have seen "fake sleep" to avoid being removed from the bed when it's time to turn in for the night. His eyes will be wide open until one of us gets up to turn out the lights and tells him to hop down to his own bed. Then, they promptly close. He is too cute.

He loves to meet other dogs on our walks, and I think that might be the only thing missing in his life. He sometimes tries to get a game going with one of the cats but they're not so keen and it doesn't go over very well :). We might just have to consider getting him a friend one of these days!

Thanks for everything, and enjoy the pictures!

-Johanna, Alex and Dobby

New Friend!
Car Ride
Ah, to be home!
Dobby and a bone


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