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"Confessions of a Greyhound Foster Dad"
April 2007


(ed. note:  names have been blocked to protect the identities of the innocent, and not-so-innocent...)

It comes as a shock to discover that (foster dog) likes sausage! Even half thawed sausage in the sink for (foster parents') dinner. He hasn't figured out how to cook the sausage, although I'm sure that's covered in chapter#2 of the "How to enjoy retirement as a greyhound" manual. Yes, here it is, mastering the stove top, page 12, beginner's guide to BBQ'ing, page 13. How to sauté your chews with ground beef, page 14.

I found said retired greyhound licking the ziplock bag containing the sausage, leisurely laying on the cow hide (ironic, another meat!) as I came upstairs from my office to make a coffee. (Advanced arabica coffee brewing is chapter 17 of the "How to enjoy retirement as a greyhound" manual).

Naturally I had flashbacks of my AAA strip loin getting a tour of the back yard from it's blurry view within a Ziploc bag secured daintily between the front teeth of said greyhound, as I was happily drinking merlot and watching the Leafs on HNIC, apparently oblivious to the guided tour I was missing.

I am now installing a sink on top of the fridge which will allow me to thaw meats safely until he reads chapter 22, "using a chair to reach the top of the fridge". Once he masters that he can read the next book in the greyhound series, "Unlimited rabbits in heaven".


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