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Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue is of the belief that all greyhounds deserve homes, including those who incur injury and require much more vet care (equaling substantial vet bills) before they heal and are adoptable.  However, we are not located near any greyhound tracks or farms to be able to take in and care for those who are injured, and to transport them here would be much too stressful on the dogs!  Therefore, we decided to sponsor a greyhound from an adoption kennel that regularly deals with the broken hounds.  Race the Wind Greyhound Adoption (RTW) in Wichita, Kansas never turns away a greyhound in need.  They are contacted constantly by owners and trainers whose greyhounds are hurt in the course of running a race, and fully one third of the greyhounds they have up for adoption have sustained an injury. RTW takes those injured dogs, gives them the medical care and attention they need, and, once they have recovered from their injury, finds them homes.  Although we are not privy to RTW's finances, we knew that their vet bill must be a tremendous drain on their resources, and we hoped that by sponsoring just one of the dozens of dogs they bring back to health, it would help them just a little.  To that end, Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue agreed to put $500.00 USD towards one of their greyhounds who had suffered a broken leg.  However, how to decide which of the many dogs to sponsor?  The choice was made easy by Pam Mowery of RTW, who told us about a sweet little female who had just come in that day and was going in for surgery to repair a broken leg.  We knew that was the girl we would sponsor!



Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue is pleased to introduce you to E's Max Power, also known as Maxi.  Maxi was injured in a schooling race at the Wichita Greyhound Park on Monday, August 28, 2006.  Her race card shows 3 races, July 29/06, August 2/06 and August 6/06, although Greyhound Data only shows one race, August 6, which was reported by the Wichita Greyhound Park, and she didn't finish. 

Maxi's DOB is September 4, 2004. Sire is Fortified Power and Dam is Dea's Dazzler.  According to her race card she is white with dark brindle around her left eye and ear, a little brindling on her right ear, and some light ticking on her right leg.

Maxi is on the timid side, so hopefully she will come out of her shell when she's settled into the adoption kennel.

Maxi broke her central tarsal on the back right leg.  According to the vet's office, Maxi was pretty stressed out so they gave her some "good drugs" to ease her stress and discomfort.  She also apparently is a picky eater  - she didn't want anything they offered her (from dry food to canned food, etc.).  She took her food and buried it in the blanket! 

Prior to having surgery to repair the break, Maxi's glucose level was checked and she had blood work done, the results of which came out fine.  They also checked her for heartworm and she is negative.  Surgery to repair the leg went ahead on Wednesday, August 30.  The surgery went well and Maxi came through it with flying colors.  Unfortunately, Maxi had a second surgery on Thursday, August 31 to readjust one of the screws that was put in her leg.  Hopefully that's all the surgery she'll have to endure!    

We will be in touch with Pam at Race the Wind's adoption kennel for updates on Miss Maxi.

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Maxi is back at the Race the Wind kennel.  She is not sporting a cast.  Maxi isn't in a cast because her veterinarian at the El Dorado Veterinary Clinic (EDVC), Dr. Harkins, believes that if the break is a clean break and the leg is put back together with screws, the injury will heal faster.  Her second surgery went very well, and now it's just a matter of healing.   

Maxi is really a cutie.  Very dainty looking.  The brindle is around her left eye and goes over her ear.  Kathy, the vet tech at EDVC, took pictures of Maxi while she was at the clinic, and as soon as we get them, they will be posted!  Maxi is said to be on the shy side and is submissive.  She is a smiler! :)

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Maxi is "greyt"!  She is doing fine and healing nicely.  She's coming out of her shell a little more each day.  Maxi goes up to Pam when Pam walks up to her crate and wants to be petted and licks Pam's fingers.  She is turned out by herself in the middle of four turnout pens and Bob is one that usually lets her out while Pam is walking the others who have casts.  Maxi's turnout usually lasts about ten minutes, and then she's ready to go back into her crate. Unfortunately Race the Wind is currently short a few volunteers which increases the workload for everybody, and no one has had time to take pictures of our girl.  We know that they are doing the best they can to accommodate our request for photos and as soon as someone can take a couple of shots and send them to us, we'll get them up!

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This is our beautiful sponsor girl Maxi.  These pictures were taken during one of her four daily turnouts, and then of course the corner picture once she was back in her crate.  Maxi had initially been turned out by herself due to her broken leg, as all of the injured dogs are, but now she is turned out in the small turnout pen with the other injured girls.  They are probably out there between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the weather. If it's hot or cold out, they don't stay out that long.  Maxi was in a lower crate, but now that she is healing so nicely, she is in a upper one. She is lifted in and out for turnouts.

Since Maxi's break was very bad, she won't need to go back to the vet for him to look at her for some time yet.  She just has to spend some time healing! 

  For those of you who aren't familiar with life at a greyhound farm or kennel, please visit http://www.adopt-a-greyhound.org/about/body_otf-to.html for a fascinating account entitled "On The Farm: The Turn-Out".  Please note that this was not written about the kennel where Maxi is; rather, it's a generic account that could be from any farm or kennel.


Pam at Race The Wind writes: "Well, for Maxi , what can I say - she changes each time I see her.  She was barking, along with all the others, last night when they heard a siren.  She was just as loud as all the rest. It seems that she was rather enjoying herself being in the bark fest.  I was able to get in the turnout pen with her last night when I was on that glorified job of picking up poop.  She was having fun coming up to me and playing.  She was even jumping up on me, which I tried to stop her from doing because of her leg.  She's using her leg and even has been running on it.  So I think she is almost healed."

It sounds like our girl, formerly described as "shy", has come out of her shell quite nicely!  

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Pam at Race The Wind writes:  "Now a Maxi update.  She is doing just fine.  She's running on her leg without any problem.  I've been getting in the turnout pen with her and a couple of the other injured girls and she loves to come up to me and get petted and she follows me around while I pick up their "messages".  She loves to play and she also likes to bark while she's in her crate after she comes back in from turnout. She's a happy girl."

We are going to find out when Maxi next sees the veterinarian and how her leg is healing, but from the sounds of it, she's doing very well.  We would love to hear that she is completely healed and ready to travel.  Our hope is that Maxi can eventually make the trip up here to Alberta, to Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue, so that we can meet her and help her find a forever home!  

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Maxi is coming to Alberta!  Her leg has completely healed and she is racing around the turnout pen like it was never broken.  She will join the haul coming in November.  Watch for her on the Available Dogs page!

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