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Greyhound Gear Available Through
Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue Foundation
*Shipping costs extra *
Dog Boots

Polar fleece with Cordura and a velcro strap.  The Cordura stands up to ice, hard packed conditions and walking or running on the road or sidewalk.  They are short booties that come up to the dog's ankles.  Come in black/black and red/black (shown).  $35.00/set of 4.  Contact Cindy in Calgary to order.  

  2013 Wall Calendars



Muzzle Guards

inserts that fit inside the Plastic Turnout Muzzle to stop your dog from licking, chewing, etc. A "greyt" alternative to those infamous cones that vets love to use to stop dogs from irritating stitches, wounds, etc. $7.50 each Contact Cindy in Calgary to order. SOLD OUT

Eva modeling the turnout muzzle and kennel collar
Plastic Turnout Muzzles

Effective immediately: new muzzles no longer available; "as is" muzzles available for $5.00 + shipping, while stock lasts.  No color choice . These muzzles are lightweight. Your greyhound can pant, drink, and even eat while wearing one!  Available in small or large.  New muzzles can be ordered through Birdwell Enterprises (click on name to go to website).

Contact Cindy in Calgary to order used muzzles through Chinook Winds.

  6' Nylon Martingale Leash/Collar Combination

Made especially for greyhounds. Available in red, black, green, purple, or blue. Contact SuNi Petware for prices and to order.


Plastic Kennel Collars

Available in red, green, purple, black, and blue. $5.00 each

Contact Cindy in Calgary to order

Car Magnets

4" x 8" gray ribbon that reads "Adopt a Greyhound" $7

Contact Cindy in Calgary to order. SOLD OUT

Photo at www.cjmconcrete.com Greyhound Statues Now you can have your very own solid concrete Greyhound Statue!  Measuring 30" high and 14" wide, these statues can be finished in almost any color including gold, bronze, white, natural, and black.  To see a picture, go to www.cjmconcrete.com.  When ordering, mention Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue and you will be given a special price of $125 per statue, with $25 per statue being donated to Chinook Winds!   Order by emailing Wendy jaguar@shaw.ca or Jerry jaggwater@xplornet.com 

Ladies' Socks

Women's size 9-11 socks.  Come in dark or light grey with greyhounds throughout and the word "greyhound" at the top.  All socks are pictured. $8 a pair or 2 pair for $15.  Contact Cindy in Calgary for more information and to order.
Greyhound Guardian Bracelets

This silicone bracelet, similar to the popular Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" wristband, available in greyhound gray and debossed with the phrase GREYHOUND GUARDIAN is the first of its kind available to the greyhound community. $10.00 each

Contact Cindy to order.

  Belly Bands For those difficult to housetrain boys!  Used as a training tool rather than a "diaper", belly bands fit around the males' waists/hips and are secured with velcro to catch those in-house accidents.  Contact Cindy in Calgary to order.



  Cindy Montgomery Custom made coats for greyhounds, $25. email
  Pezzack Pet Ware http://www.pezzack.com - Custom designed clothing for canines, specializing in greyhound apparel.
  SuNi Petware http://www.sunipetware.com/- Quality collars, leashes, beds and other accessories by greyhound adopters custom made for your greyhound or whippet.
  A Step Ahead - Collars for Hounds www.stepaheadcollars.com - where martingale collars are a Step Ahead in safety, style, durability, and comfort.
  Urban Musher (formerly North Paw) urbanmusher@shaw.ca - Edmonton, AB - 780 960 9824 - Booties, Harnesses, Gentle Leaders, Pet ID, Specialty collars and leashes, collapsible water dishes
  The Stylish Hound www.thestylishhound.com - a wide selection of collars, leashes and accessories for the dog with discriminating taste.


  Pets First http://www.pets1st.com - 10% of sales referred by Chinook Winds is donated back to us, so when you are ordering your food (that is delivered right to your doorstep!), be sure to tell them that you adopted your hound through Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue!
  Pleased Pets http://www.pleasedpets.com/ - offering the dog owner a healthier alternative to processed (canned) dog foods and currently available commercial treats.
  Mountain Dog Food http://www.mountaindogfood.com/ - raw frozen pet foods - "where natural food is raw food"
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