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What's Up & Coming?

Greyhound Hauls

Effective immediately, Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue will no longer be transporting retired racing greyhounds from the States.  For all the details, click here.  No, we are not rolling over and playing dead!  We remain firm in our promise to support those greyhounds who have already found homes through our organization should their owners no longer be able to care for them.  To that end, there will still be retired racing greyhounds available for adoption.  For information about these greyhounds, please read the next news item below, "Available Greyhounds".

Available Greyhounds, and Returning your Greyhound

There will still be retired racing greyhounds available for adoption. We continue to take back any greyhound whose owner can no longer care for him or her and must return the dog to us for rehoming; as well, we are still available to any greyhound who needs our help.  The greyhounds who get returned to us are usually the product of divorce, a family's lifestyle change, and so on, so the return is not necessarily any fault of the dog's.  Greyhounds of all ages get returned for one reason or another.  One of the bonuses in considering a greyhound who's been returned is that these dogs have home experience! To be considered first for a greyhound who comes up for adoption, please submit an application.  A telephone interview and home visit will be completed prior to adoption.  If there are no suitable applications on file, the greyhound will appear on the Available Dogs page

If you need to return your greyhound for rehoming, please email or phone Cindy Montgomery at itsfr@telusplanet.net or 403 204 0565.

Pets First Dog Food

Looking for a high quality dry dog food to feed your greyhound?  Can't or won't feed raw?

Pets First is a proud 16 year old Canadian Company whose goal is "Helping Pets Live Longer and Healthier Lives".  Pets First manufactures Earth Options, a dry dog food which has high meat inclusion, is slow cooked at low temperature in small batches and has the Highest Quality Human Grade Ingredients. Earth Options has NO corn, NO wheat, NO glutens, NO hormones, NO Beet Pulp, NO by-products and NO Soya.

When purchasing dog food and accessories from Pets First, 10% of the sales goes back to Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue Foundation to help with our expenses.

Pets First has a store location in Calgary but is also known as the "Pet Store to Your Door". Too busy to go to Pets First?  No worries, they will ship your food to your door anywhere in Canada. Pets First specializes in Pet Nutrition and their knowledgeable staff can help you decided what formulation is right for your dog.

For a coupon for $5.00 off your first bag of Earth Options, contact a Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue Adoption Representative today, and get your greyhound, and all of your pets, on the road to healthier eating!

How Does Your Greyhound's Dog Food Rate?

Some of you might be interested in the latest dog food ratings. There are many brands on here that I have not even heard of!  Please note there is more than one page to each category:


Remember that greyhounds newly retired normally cannot tolerate the high end foods such as Orijen or Innova Evo.  Nor do they do well on lamb based foods when they are right off the track.  This does not mean that you can never feed these foods to your greyhound.  It only means that you need to get their digestive systems stabilized first.  Talk to your adoption representative for information and recommendations.  Don't dismiss feeding your greyhound a raw diet either!  Greyhounds do well on raw as that makes up part of their diet as racers.  The biggest myth about a raw diet is that it's expensive; however, it's no more expensive to feed raw than to feed a good quality dry dog food.  For more information, do a google search, or talk to your adoption representative

Warnings to Pet Owners

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Cocoa Mulch

Stuffed toys


Chicken Jerky Products

General Information :

Calgary Greyhound Walking Club


Central Greyhound Walking Club
Port Moody Greyhound Walking Group


Why We Quarantine

In the fall of 2005, a Dog Flu Virus was reportedly making the rounds at racetracks and kennels across the United States.  When this was brought to our attention, we consulted with our veterinarian and kept close tabs on the situation. Even though the dog flu virus seems to be under control for the time being, it resulted in a new policy here at Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue. For the protection of our adopters and our foster homes, and for the protection of any dog that comes into contact with our greyhounds, any greyhound coming into our system from the United States will be quarantined for a minimum 5-7 days upon arrival. These dogs are closely monitored and do not come out of quarantine until we are absolutely sure that none are symptomatic for ANY disease. As well, since greyhounds come from areas where ticks and fleas are a reality of life, the quarantine allows us to effectively rid the greyhounds of these parasites BEFORE they go into foster or adoptive homes. This ensures that the resident animals are kept free from any parasites that the greyhounds may inadvertently carry with them!

These steps, and any others deemed necessary by our veterinarian, will be taken so we do not inadvertently spread the highly contagious dog flu, or any other disease, around in the process of finding adoptive homes for our greyhounds.

Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities
As with many charitable organizations, volunteers are our foundation. We could not do what we do without our many wonderful and dedicated volunteers! If you are interested in helping with transport or fostering, or would like information on sponsorship, please click here for more information or contact us.
Retired racers come from all parts of the United States and can be exposed to things that may threaten their longevity and health; ailments that some veterinarians in this country rarely if ever see. Unfortunately, the majority of veterinarians who care for these dogs after they are placed into adoptive homes aren’t likely to consider some of the less common diagnoses. Contact us for a list of veterinarians that we have had good experiences with in the diagnosis and treatment of health issues unique to the ex-racer.
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