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Spa Day at StoneHaven Kennels for the New Arrivals - Dec. 9, 2005

A quick walk before bath-time.

Maybe if we all pull at the same time.......

Leah, look this way for the picture!

Leah and Tulip

Are we inspecting teeth too?

Pick me, pick me......

All ready for his bath

A little more on my back please....

Scrub a dub dub with help from Laurie

now for a little towel dry

Rub those ears!

Changing dogs in the dryer

Tulip peeks out of the dryer

Clean and fluff-dried!

oooh......I'm not going in THERE!

There, there, it's okay... (says Bev)
The assembly line.

A little more towel-drying.

I dare you to try and bath me!

A little more around my ears please.

More clean pups

All done - let's GO!

Many thanks to Stonehaven Kennels and all the volunteers who helped out.

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